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Wider Drive-Thrus for Your Convenience

A couple of months ago, we showed you Jeremy and “Tuff” having a little difficulty navigating the drive-thru. Well, since then First State Bank has been widening several of its drive-thru lanes, so that customers like Jeremy have more room while banking at the new Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs.

We understand that some customers drive larger vehicles, whether it’s a work truck, family van or SUV, and they can’t always come inside to do their banking. That’s why First State Bank has been widening its drive-thru lanes — for customers’ convenience!

Currently ITMs are located at 2002 N. Arkansas and 501 W. Main in Russellville, and Ola. The ITM at 3005 W. Main in Russellville is set to go live July 19, and one is coming soon to East Main.

Like Jeremy and Tuff, we know you’ll enjoy using the ITMs and the extra breathing room in the drive-thru lanes.