5 Things You Can Do Because of ITM Extended Hours

We’ve all been there, having to sacrifice time toward something else just so you can swing by the bank during regular business hours. Well, thanks to First State Bank’s new Interactive Teller Machines, or ITMs, now customers don’t have to worry about having to squeeze in a trip to the bank.

First State Bank weekday hours have been extended, thanks to ITMs, which let customers bank from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. — all from the convenience of your car!

With all that extra time, here are a few things you can do instead of rushing around town.

1. Actually enjoy lunch

2. Get all your work done

3. Stop worrying: you’ve got 12 hours on weekdays!

4. Talk to your kids after picking them up — and listen!

5. Take pride in knowing you do business with the most innovative bank in the River Valley

First State Bank works hard to not only provide you with the friendly service and convenience you’ve come to expect, we also want you to take pride in knowing you’re using the latest banking technologies. And that’s exactly what ITMs are, the latest technology in drive-thru banking. So enjoy the new ITMs!